Quarantined in Paradise

How lucky am I?  Wouldn’t you love to be locked down in a beach front condo?  Yes, cabin fever is a thing even in this beautiful environment, but I really can’t complain.

Even Paradise is Suffering

Our little fishing village that relies heavily on tourism has been devastated by the Covid-19 closings.  We have had very few cases here, partially due to the closings and curfews imposed by the city.  However, unlike the US, no one here can collect unemployment, and the government is not offering any assistance.  We have many charities that are trying to feed the families that have no income, but it’s a big job.

We Can’t Wait for You to Come Back

Thankfully, we are opening back up, and hope to be fully open by August 1.

Needless to say, the gracious welcoming Mexican people in Rocky Point will be even happier than usual to see their international guests!

Covid-19 and Property Values

All of us Licensed Agents in the Rocky Point Real Estate community are being asked about the affect Covid-19 will have on property values here.

Mitigation Measures Taken Early

Fortunately, the Governor of our State of Sonora, and the Mayor of Puerto Penasco have been very proactive in imposing measures to protect the population of Rocky Point against the spread of the virus.  So far, those measures have been very effective.  Only 4 confirmed cases and 1 death.  We are now in Phase I of a 3 Phase reopening, with most of us still staying at home and restricted to essential trips to the grocery store.  Visitors have not been allowed into the community since the beginning of the outbreak.

Hopefully, if all goes well, visitors will begin returning in mid June.  There will probably still be some restrictions – social distancing, maybe face masks – as there are in US states.

We Need Our Tourists

The big question is how many tourists will return.  That may not be known until perhaps July 4th, or even Labor Day, our big summer tourist holidays.

In the meantime, the good news is that while sales have slowed as a result of no visitors coming to Rocky Point, there have not been any significant price/value reductions.

Those of us who love living in Rocky Point can’t imagine that other fans of our beautiful beach town won’t come back!

Spring Break & Corona Virus on its way to Rocky Point?

They are loud sometimes, but Spring Breakers bring a lot of business, and particularly rental income to our community, and we love them for that.  They also bring whichever flu is currently on campus.

We usually don’t know the name of the flu because we don’t need a doctor or a test.  Flu is flu.  It’s miserable, but it’s rarely fatal in the US (about 2%, and then mostly the elderly or those with chronic compromising diseases).

Knowing that the flu will be coming to Rocky Point, maybe even via one of our permanent resident expats traveling to and from Arizona, let’s welcome our tourists.  We need them!